Business Coaching Meetup Celebrates First Anniversary

business-coaching-meetupUltrapreneur Success Groups celebrated its first anniversary on the 29th  September this year. This was the first big event that the company enjoyed and management was very excited about the celebratory event.

The industry of business coaching remains very competitive and is a place where only the most progressive and powerful companies can meet the success of their own. For the past several months, Ultrapreneur Success has proven flexibility and competitiveness in helping entrepreneurs and empowering them to become the Ultrapreneurs of today.

Ultrapreneur Success is a company that puts focus on empowering the entrepreneur and helping them become the Ultrapreneurs, allowing them to reach success of their own within their individual and very competitive industries.

Ultrapreneur Success was established by Nigel Clayton, a certified and qualified business coach and a mentor. He has been around the industry for more than 25 years and he is also a certified public account (CPA) and has run an accounting firm of his own for more than 2 decades. He is a PCC or Professional Certified Coach by the ICF or International Coach Federation and he has owned and operated his own business coaching & mentoring firm for more than 15 years.

With his long stay in the industry, his passion for being an entrepreneur urged him to think of a very special way to help other entrepreneurs who are struggling to reach their goals and live the kind of life they wish to have. Nigel founded a business and personal development Meetup group a year ago which is now the Ultrapreneur Success Meetup group.

Ultrapreneur Success is now offering 4 ways to aid all entrepreneurs in discovering and supporting themselves. These 4 options can be performed either online or in person. These 4 ways include the Ultrapreneur Success Groups, Leaded Group, Super Group and the Nitro Group.

These coaching groups are always open for those entrepreneurs who have the interested to join. They just have to visit the official website of Ultrapreneur Success to sign up and to get more information about the coaching groups.

According to Nigel, “The number one concern of small business owners and professionals is acquiring new business and making more money, or stated another way…how do I lead my business to success?”

Ultrapreneur Success Groups is a business and personal development Meetup group that aims to help entrepreneurs meet their goals and become the Ultrapreneur. The company, Ultrapreneur Success, comes with 4 coaching programs dedicated to help all entrepreneurs learn how they can boost the sales and revenues of their businesses.

Your Boss Gets 120 Times More Than You!

Pay ScalesDirectors of the top one hundred listed UK companies now earn 120 times more than  the average sum earned by their employees, according to a report by Incomes Data Services (IDS).

Executive pay has risen far more quickly than average pay. In 2000, bosses of top companies earned 47 times more.

IDS said a director now typically earns £2.43m a year. Official figures put the average annual salary at £27,000.

During 2014 bosses’ pay increased by more than a 1/5, an IDS spokesperson explained.

IDS said the increase was driven by a 44% rise in share awards, which were given as long-term incentives.

Bonuses were also up, by 12%, although basic salaries were £822,300, up by a far more muted 2.5%. However, that is still 3 times the size of average wage rises.

The most recent official figures show that, excluding bonuses, average earnings in the May to July period rose by 0.7% from a year earlier; including bonuses, they rose by 0.6%.

The IDS report shows that the long-term impact of years of high earnings growth has widened the pay gap between FTSE 100 chief executives and the rest of the workforce.

It found that between 2000 and 2014 the median total earnings for FTSE 100 bosses rose by 278%, while the corresponding rise in total earnings for full-time employees was 48%.

Steve Tatton, editor of the IDS report, said: “The pattern of pay growth highlights the complex make-up of directors’ remuneration.

“Salary rises may be modest but this can be more than made up for by the receipt of incentive payments. When such incentives pay out, they can pay out substantial sums, giving a significant boost to directors’ earnings.”

The best paid chief executives were in media, marketing and telecoms, while the lowest were in retail and distribution.